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Vivatech Paris

Startup Spaces: Crafting Communities

‘Coworking space’, ‘campus’, ‘hub’ – whatever you call it, the place a tech startup does business in is likely to be an entirely new breed of office, where entrepreneurs can work, learn and network. What once felt like a workplace is starting to feel (and work) a lot like a community.

What’s next?


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Participating at various conferences and private events to share what we’ve learned along the way of our practice & travels. We’ve been lucky enough to participate at events such as Coworking Now in Gdansk, Coworking Spain Conference, Cowork Buzz, What Works, Techfestival & others. 

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Coworking Now Poland conference
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Learn & Share

Private Events & Meetups

The world is going trough fundamental change. Our research and work into the future of work and work-spaces has been valuable to many people and organizations. We strive to share what we’ve learned with as many companies and groups to get them started onto their journey into coworking and the future of work-spaces.

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Meetup Coworkies
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Innovate by Doing

hands-on Events

We believe in learning by doing. With many of our global partners we organize hand on workshops and events like hackathons, so everyone can build understanding about the coworking world through project based activities. Hackathons showcase peoples ideas and needs when it comes down to work. Workshops are great for companies who would like to  educate their team about the new and emerging type of workspaces.

Coworking Hackathon by Coworkies
Coworking Hackathon London by Coworkies
Coworking Hackathon London by Coworkies


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Do you have an event, looking for speakers, co-organizers or people who can help you with content around the future of work and workspaces? Send us a message and let’s chat!