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Around the world of Coworking

Our team took the journey to visit more that 370+ coworking spaces in 46+ cities around the globe. From New York to Tokyo we’ve explored vast variety of open work spaces use by the new generation at work.

Around the world



Immersive Coworking Workshop

We’ve created our own game to help teams and organizations better understand and work on coworking concepts that will fit the need of their people. Covering topics such as community, interior design, collaboration and more.

Coworking Workshop


Learning Sessions

Make Coworking Sustainable

Learn how to create, manage and sustain a coworking space. Learn the basics of day to day tasks. From building a space to curating and suntanning the community.

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The Job

Build Understanding

What does a Community Manager do?

Community managers are the most important part of a coworking community. Very often they can make or break a community. Join our bi-monthly learning group to talk community management and learn the intricacies.

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Sharing with the wider community

We love to participate to various events to share our experience with the wider community that is interested in coworking. We participate to various coworking conferences, startup events and private workgroup sessions.



Open Knowledge

Read & Learn

We spend vast amount of our time to write and share our learning’s. From knowledge-sharing, to interviews with founders, community managers and coworker.Read our Coworking People & Spaces Magazine or the blog of our founders where they share the stories of the coworking spaces they have visited.

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